Ahern Family Chiropractic

I can say with certainty, the health of children in the Huron Valley community is rapidly deteriorating. On a daily and weekly basis, we hear about children, friends children, nieces, nephews, kids in general, who are struggling with various health issues. Struggling to keep up and struggling not to fall further and further behind. Thousands if not hundres of thousands of visits each year to pediatricians, hospitals, and specialists. This medical rat race has become a common theme in our community today.

Just because something is common however, does not mean that it is normal. When did we buy into the belief that ear infections are normal? When did we buy into the belief that headaches, ADHD, digestive issues, bed wetting, or any other diagnoses in kids is normal? Common? Yes. Normal? Not a chance.

In an effort to get kids their life back and keep it, we are on a mission to educate as many parents about pediatric chiropractic that will listen.

Understand that kids live their life through their nervous system. Trauma’s (Physical Stress), Toxins (Chemical Stress), and Thoughts (Emotional Stress) create a buildup of interferences within your child’s nervous system which over time if not removed eventually can manifest in the form of any number of conditions, diseases, or disorders.

Thus, Ahern Family Chiropractic, this office, is on a mission to adjust as many kids as possible in an all out effort to remove the interference to their nervous system allowing their bodies the opportunity to heal, function, and operate the way they were designed to regardless of diagnosis or label.

We believe kids me born to be well, not sick. We believe that healing and health comes from within and not the other way around. We believe medications only mask symptoms and never remove the underlying cause of the issue. We believe kids are born with all their parts, and when something doesn’t function properly, the first option should not be to remove it surgically.

We understand the science. We understand the neurology. Most importantly however, we understand the power that the chiropractic adjustment holds for your son or daughter: an opportunity to experience a nervous system fully capable of healing, optimal function, and HEALTH.

We are all about kids!!!!

With love,
Dr. Curt Ahern